Instructions for use of contact lenses

Instructions for use of contact lenses

When we bought contact lenses, it is important to know how to use contact lenses correctly. The following are specific instructions for use of contact lenses

How to wear contact lenses:

1. Firstly,you must wash your hands thoroughly to keep your hands clean

2. Rinse fingers thoroughly with multifunctional contact lens solution.You need to go to a regular company to buy contact lens solution

3. Place the lens on the right index finger or contact lens application tool. Such as suction sticks, tweezers.

4. Thoroughly rinse each lens on both sides with multifunctional contact lens solution.
5. Gently pull the upper eyelid with your left middle finger, and gently pull the lower eyelid with your left thumb to open your eyes.

4. While looking to the side to reveal the maximum whiteness, gently place the lens on the white of the eye, and gently press down to remove the air under the lens.

5. Lift the upper eyelid, keep it above the eye, and look side by side at the same time, then slide it up and down for 5 seconds. Flashes several times. When you open your eyes, the lens will automatically be positioned at the center of the pupil. If it is not placed, repeat the previous step.

It can be understood from the above description,we can found that in the process of wearing contact lenses, the contact lens care solution plays an important role. In addition, it is necessary to create a clean environment, which ensures that there is no contact with any impurities during the wearing process.

There are many tips to take off your contact lenses too, unless you are using daily contact lenses. You only need to wear it once, and the daily contact lenses will become invalid. The yearly contact lenses are different. You need to keep using them continuously. Therefore it is necessary to maintain it well.

How to remove contact lenses:

1. Before removing the contact lenses, you need to keep your hands clean, please wash your hands.
2. Rinse fingers thoroughly with multifunctional contact lens solution.
3. Use your index finger to slide the lens out of the pupil, and then grab it.
·For maximum comfort, clean it every day. It is recommended to use the protein removal solution at least once a week to keep it fresh.
· Please change the solution in the lens case after each use.

· Do not use if the sterile blister pack has been opened or damaged.
·Store the lens in a multifunctional contact lens solution.
·If the vision is blurred due to the dry surface of the lens, please replenish lubricating eye drops.
·Do not wear more than 6 hours a day.
· Make sure that the lens is not in contact with soap, shampoo, hair spray or cosmetics.
·Be careful not to damage the lens with your nails.

These are simple contact lens instructions, if you want to learn more about how to wear contact lenses correctly, please  read this article