【Daily lenses】Green disposable Prescription Colored Contact Lenses(10 pack)

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  • Blackrose - Pack of 10 lenses (5 pairs)

    Blackrose are the latest addition to the mysticeyes colored contact lenses collection. Blackrose are mysticeyes's first daily colored contact lenses featuring new shades and colors that are comfortable and offer the convenience of being daily disposable contact lenses.

    1-Day Moist contact lenses are an ideal choice for the lens wearer who doesn't want to deal with daily cleaning, storing, and discomfort that comes with extended wear lenses. Wear one pair a day and toss them out when the day is done.

    Note: The durability of the lenses is 1 day after opening the package. This means that you can wear the lenses once for one day only and need to dispose them.
    • Base Curve: 8.7mm
    •Diameter: 14.2mm
    • Water Content: 58%
    • Material: Silicone hydrogel

  • These contact lenses feature exclusive LACREON Technology, which means moisture is built into the lens. The moisture rich ingredient acts like natural tears, so no matter how many times you blink, you retain that cushioned, soft feeling. The lenses also protect your eyes from 82% of UV-A rays and 97% of UV-B rays. 1-Day Blackrose Moist contacts are a superior choice for the daily lens wearer.
  • Nice for Party, Cosplay, Fashion Show, Halloween Makeup, etc.
  • Safe, comfortable and durable
  • Fashion and popular among girls and women.


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